• Gateway solutions

    Gateway solutions for home and building integration

    We provide the most advanced communication gateway solution
    for different system integrations.
  • Smarter homes

    Smarter homes

    Improve your home automation project with our solutions for
    HVAC, fire and intrusion protection, energy metering and many more.
  • More than you can imagine

    More than you can imagine

    You have the challange and
    we offer you the best solution.

IntesisBox offers a wide range of communication Gateway solutions and interfaces

Use the specific IntesisBox gateway that best fits your Integration project according to your scenario:
Automation, Building management, hotel management, fire and intrusion protection, energy metering, solar energy Applications, HVAC and many more.

Make sure that your projects are finished on time and with the best technical solution available on the market thanks to our IntesisBox gateways and interfaces.