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The IntesisBox Gateway has been designed to monitor Siemens Algorex fire detection panels through their RS323 printer port from a Modbus master or client device

Modbus Algorex

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The communication protocol of Siemens Cerberus AlgoRex is based on events, the states of the system elements (detectors, modules, etc.) are transmitted through the protocol in the form of events whenever they occur.

The role of IntesisBox consists in associate the elements of the Algorex system with Modbus register addresses.

Once IntesisBox is configured and connected to both systems (Algorex and Modbus), it listens continuously the Algorex serial printer port for new events regarding the points configured in it (the table mentioned before). With every event, the new status received is updated in the Intesisbox's memory and become available to be read by the Modbus master device. 

Algorex to Modbus Gateway

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