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The IntesisBox Gateway has been specially designed to allow bidirectional control and monitoring of all parameters and functionalities of BACnet server devices from a KNX installation.


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  • IBKNXBAC1000000  (100 points)
  • IBKNXBAC2500000  (250 points)
  • IBKNXBAC6000000  (600 points)
  • IBKNXBAC1K20000  (1200 points)
  • IBKNXBAC3K00000  (3000 points)


IntesisBox acts as a master in the BACnet side allowing to read/write points of other BACnet/IP device(s) connected to a BACnet network and offering these point's values through its KNX interface.

On the KNX side, IntesisBox simulates a KNX device and acts as if it was a single device into the KNX system.The IntesisBox's KNX interface connects directly to the KNX bus and it is optoisolated from the rest of the internal electronics. 

Configuration project is done through IntesisBox MAPS.


  • Handles conversion between KNX and BACnet (IP or MSTP) devices
  • Automatically send a write request to the KNX bus when its value changes
  • Send a read request to the KNX bus when IntesisBox starts-up 
  • Datalogging through external USB port
  • Configuration through IP or USB (Console) port
  • Front cover LED indicators to provide easy to check communication status on both the Ethernet and serial ports
  • Includes IntesisBox MAPS with automatic updates for both IntesisBox MAPS and Gateway’s firmware
  • BACnet explorer function (available from IntesisBox MAPS)

NOTE: In case you need documentation for the previous gateway version, please click here.

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Does your project not fit the product description, but you need to integrate the KNX and BACnet protocols?

Maybe our IBOX-BAC-KNX gateway is what you are looking for.


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