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The IntesisBox Gateway has been designed to monitor and control Siemens Cerberus fire detection systems CS11 & CS10 (equipped with BMS interface providing ISO 1745 protocol through serial port RS232), from a Modbus master or client device. Several panels connected in network can be integrated using just one IntesisBox,

Modbus Cerberus

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The aim of this integration is to make available signals and resources of Siemens Cerberus fire panels equipped with MK7022 interface or similar (offering ISO 1745 protocol), from a Modbus master device or system. For this IntesisBox Modbus Server - Cerberus ISO1745 gateway works, from the Modbus system point of view, acting as a Modbus slave device responding to data polls coming from the Modbus master, and from the Siemens Cerberus system point of view acting as a Third party communication device (Partner system connected to MK7022 communication unit as defined by Siemens Cerberus) monitoring/controlling a Siemens Cerberus single fire panel or a network of panels, and serving the data received from Cerberus to the Modbus side.

IntesisBox connects to the serial port (RS232) of the Cerberus panel (or to the interface board).

If there are more than one Cerberus panel in the network, all of them can be integrated using just one IntesisBox (up to 5000 are supported in IntesisBox).

If the panels are independent (not connected to the network), then one IntesisBox must be used per every panel.

Cerberus to Modbus Gateway

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