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EnOcean - IntesisBox gateways and AC interfaces

Specially designed, in collaboration with several AC manufacturers like Mitsubishi Electric, Daikin and Panasonic to allow supervision and bidirectional control of all the parameters and functionality of Air conditioners from EnOcean installations.

  • Easy installation to the indoor unit via dedicated cable
  • Great integration flexibility. To be linked to all kind of sensors, actuators or gateways allowing a full control and supervision from several devices in parallel. The implementation of the newly approved Generic HVAC interface EEP’s (along many others) give them even a higher integration to B.M.S. gateways.
  • Configurable advanced room control functionalities. IntesisBox EnOcean gateways include specific configurable behaviors when linked to devices such as window contact, key card or presence sensors, allowing an advance control of the AC units and leading to savings in Energy. It can work as an EnOcean repeater too.
  • Virtual temperature functionality. Especially useful when it is imperative to use an external ambient temperature reference, either from an EnOcean temperature sensor or a thermostat, or when the heating and the air conditioner want to be controlled from the same EnOcean thermostat.

IntesisBox EnOcean gateways for USB enabled devices

This product range includes also other gateways models allowing supervision and bidirectional control of any EnOcean device from PC systems such as SCADA’s, control systems based in ASCII protocols, or monitoring B.M.S and USB enabled systems

  • Easy installation. Plug and Play: IntesisBox gateways only need to be connected to the USB port of the control system, typically a PC, and they will generate a virtual COM port being ready to be used.
  • Great integration flexibility Intesisbox gateways can be used with all kind of EnOcean devices such as sensors, actuators or gateways allowing a full control and supervision of these devices.
  • Remote configuration of other Intesisbox gateways. Depending on model, it is possible to set up some functionalities of other IntesisBox EnOcean gateways.

About EnOcean

The EnOcean Alliance is a consortium of companies working to further develop and promote self-powered wireless monitoring and control systems for sustainable buildings by formalizing the interoperable wireless standard.

The EnOcean Alliance has the largest installed base of field-proven wireless building automation networks in the world. A group of key companies across Europe and North America are currently forming the EnOcean Alliance as a nonprofit, mutual benefit corporation which has the formal purpose of:

  • establishing energy harvesting wireless technology as the wireless standard for sustainable buildings
  • helping to bring about the existence of a broad range of interoperable wireless monitoring and controlling products for use in and around residential, commercial and industrial buildings and to promote global trade in such products
  • by initially developing the specifications for the interoperability of the sensor profiles for the wireless products operating in unlicensed frequency bands and subsequently to apply for ratification as an international standard at the appropriate standardization committee.

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Daikin Domestic AC units to EnOcean Interface
Daikin VRV and Sky systems to EnOcean Interface
Mitsubishi Electric AC units to EnOcean Interface
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FD and KX6 systems to EnOcean Interface
Panasonic Etherea AC units to EnOcean Interface