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IntesisBox USB-ENO-ASCII and USB-ENO-ASCII-C gateways allow supervision and bidirectional control of any IntesisBox Enocean AC gateway and one reference temperature sensor from PC systems such as SCADA’s or others using simple text messages.


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  • USB-ENO-ASCII (868 MHz. Europe)
  • USB-ENO-ASCII-C (315 MHz. USA and Asia)


  • Bidirectional: Supervision and Control.
  • Up to 10 AC IntesisBox® gateways.
  • 1 external temperature sensor as a temperature reference
  • Control of the AC indoor units using simple text messages.
  • Spontaneous messages avoid continuous polling
  • Fast and easy commissioning.
  • USB Powered. No external power supply needed.
  • Plug and Play (virtual COM port).
  • Suitable look for home applications.
  • Small dimensions.

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