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The IntesisBox Gateway has been specially designed to allow bidirectional control and monitoring of Hitachi VRF SET FREE systems through the HC-A8MB or HC-A64MB adaptors from a BMS, SCADA or any other device working as a BACnet client.

BACnet Hitachi RC

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  • HI-AC-BAC-8 (for 8 indoor units)
  • HI-AC-BAC-64 (for 64 indoor units)


The aim of this integration is to monitor and control your Hitachi Air Conditioning system, remotely, from your Control Center using any commercial SCADA or monitoring software that includes a BACnet/IP driver. To do it so, IntesisBox allows BACnet/IP communication, acting as a server, allowing polling or subscription requests (COV).

IntesisBox makes available the Hitachi air conditioning system indoor units through independent BACnet objects.

Abstraction of Hitachi air conditioning system properties and functionalities as fixed BACnet Objects. IntesisBox allows fixed BACnet object IDs mapping. Simple configuration is needed: just select the appropriate communication parameters (IP address, baud rate…).

IntesisBox connects to the Hitachi HC-A8MB or HC-A64MB communication adaptors.

Hitachi VRF SET FREE systems (HC-A8MB and HC-A64MB) to BACnet Gateway


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