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The IntesisBox Gateway has been designed for the integration of Honeywell Galaxy intrusion detection systems into Modbus enabled control systems.

Modbus SIA

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The aim of this integration is to make available signals and resources of Galaxy panels equipped with RS232 interface to a Modbus master device or system. From the Modbus system point of view IntesisBox Modbus Server - Galaxy acts as a slave device, responding to data polls coming from the Modbus master. From the Galaxy system point of view acts as a third party communication device monitoring/controlling a Honeywell Galaxy alarm panel (by periodically polling it), and serving the retrieved data to the Modbus side.

Both the Galaxy Classic and 3 Series ranges are supported by IntesisBox. Galaxy 3 Series panels with a model reference ending with ‘C’ support an on-board RS232 port. E.g. models 3-48C, 3-144C, etc. All other 3 Series panels and the Galaxy Classic range require an optional RS232 module to be fitted to line 1.

Galaxy to Modbus Gateway

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