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The IntesisBox Gateway has been designed for the monitoring of KILSEN KSA-7XX fire panels into Modbus (RTU and TCP) control systems.

Modbus Kilsen

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  • IBOX-MBS-KILSEN ​​​​​​


The scope of this integration is to get access to the status of the elements in the KILSEN fire panels for monitoring using a Modbus master device. To do it so, the Gateway is working as a Slave device, from the Modbus side, answering to the data petitions coming from the Modbus Master device. From the KILSEN side, IntesisBox works as a peripheral connected to the EIA232 port, sending the data provided from KILSEN to the Modbus side.

IntesisBox is connected to the EIA232 port of the KILSEN fire panel and allows monitoring of elements and zones through independent Modbus registers. The Modbus register map is fixed for 7 panels, with 15 loops per panel (35 loops) and 255 elements per loop (8925 elements). Available statuses for each element are normal, alarm, pre-alarm, fault and disconnect. Available statuses for zones are normal and alarm. Moreover, it also includes 7 registers for general status of the fire panel.

Command signals to the KILSEN panel are not supported. Only monitoring is allowed.

Kilsen to Modbus Gateway

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