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The IntesisBox Gateway has been specially designed to allow bidirectional control and monitoring of all parameters and functionalities of a KNX installation from a BMS, SCADA or any other device working as a ASCII client.


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  • IBOX-ASCII-KNX  (4000 points)


The aim of this integration is to make accessible signals and resources of any KNX/EIB system or device from any system capable of "talking" simple ASCII protocol (for example AMX, CRESTRON or Extron controllers).

For this, the gateway acts as a KNX device in its KNX interface, reading/writing points of other KNX devices of the installation, and offering this point's values of KNX device through its ASCII interface using simple ASCII messages.

From the KNX system point of view, after the start-up process, the gateway reads the points configured to be read at the start and remains listening for changes of value of group addresses associated with internal data points. Any of these changes, when detected, are immediately updated in memory and become available to be read by the ASCII system in any moment.

From the ASCII system point of view, after the start-up process of the gateway, the gateway waits for any query (ASCII messages requesting readings of points or ASCII messages requesting writings of points) and acts according to the message received. See ASCII interface section for details about this ASCII messages.

Also, whenever an internal data point changes of value (due to a change in the KNX group address associated) the gateway will send an ASCII message informing about new value for the point, but only if the point is configured to send this type of spontaneous messages.

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