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The IntesisBox Gateway has been specially designed to allow bidirectional control and monitoring of all parameters and functionalities of KNX installations from a Modbus BMS, SCADA, PLC or any other device working as a Modbus Master.

Modbus KNX

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  • IBOX-MBS-KNX-100 (100 points and 1 device)
  • IBOX-MBS-KNX-A (500 points and 1 device)
  • IBOX-MBS-KNX-B (3000 points and 1 device)


From the KNX system point of view, in the start-up process of the gateway and also after a detection of a KNX bus reset, the gateway polls the KNX signals configured to be updated in this situation and maintain the received values in memory to be served to the Modbus system when requested. Also, listen for any KNX telegram related to the internal points configured in it and acts accordingly to the configuration of the related point.

From the Modbus system point of view, after the start-up process, the gateway listens for any read or write request, and serves any read request or performs any writing request of its internal points received from Modbus system. The values received from Modbus become available to be read by the KNX system and vice-versa.


NOTE: In case you need documentation for the new gateway version, please check the following link:

KNX to Modbus Gateway Integration examples

Integration of KNX devices into a Modbus installation

KNX to Modbus Gateway Integration examples 334

Does your project not fit the product description, but you need to integrate the Modbus and KNX protocols?

Maybe our IBOX-MBS-KNX gateway is what you are looking for.


KNX to Modbus Gateway


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