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The IntesisBox Gateway has been specially designed to allow bidirectional control and monitoring of LG VRF solutions from a Modbus installation.

Modbus LG AC

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  • LG-AC-MBS-4 (for 4 indoor units)
  • LG-AC-MBS-8 (for 8 indoor units)
  • LG-AC-MBS-32 (for 32 indoor units)
  • LG-AC-MBS-64 (for 64 indoor units)


IntesisBox Modbus Server – LG AC is a communication gateway for the integration of LG Air Conditioning systems into Modbus slave (RTU and TCP).

IntesisBox continuously polls (reads) the LG PI485 bus for all configured signals and keeps the updated status of all of them in its memory ready to be served when requested from Modbus.

When a write is done from Modbus in a gateway's Modbus address (allowed to be written), the corresponding order is sent to the AC unit signal associated.

IntesisBox is capable of managing up to two simultaneous Modbus TCP Client connections and one Modbus RTU Master. It also includes all hardware needed to connect directly with the LG PI485 bus.

Please, check the compatibility list as for some cases, an option from LG is required.

LG VRF systems to Modbus Gateway