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LON - IntesisBox gateways and AC interfaces

IntesisBox LonWorks gateway has been specially designed to allow supervision and bidirectional control of KNX systems from LonWorks installations.

  • Easy installation trough KNX TP (TP-1) for KNX devices and FT/TP-10 for Lonworks devices
  • Great integration flexibility. With the IntesisBox LonWorks to KNX gateway all the KNX installation is seen as a node in the LonWorks network, with each KNX group address associated to a SNVT field, fully compatible with any standard LonWorks commissioning tool (LonMaker and others). IntesisBox LON and KNX interfaces are configured with LinkBoxLON, a Windows compatible software supplied with the purchase of IntesisBox
  • Advanced integration with any device. IntesisBox IBOX-LON-KNX offers a complete and transparent integration of KNX installations (light control, blinds, ...) in building management systems based in LonWorks (TAC, Siemens Honeywell...).

IntesisBox Lonworks AC gateways

Specially designed, in collaboration with several manufacturers like Mitsubishi Electric, to allow supervision and bidirectional control of all the parameters and functionality of Air conditioners from Lonworks installations.

  • Easy installation to the indoor unit or via dedicated cable or RS232
  • Great integration flexibility
  • Advanced integration with air conditioner: a complete bidirectional communication and simultaneous control from LON and the infrared Air Conditioner remote controller.

About LonWorks

LonWorks(local operation network) is a networking platform specifically created to address the needs of control applications. The platform is built on a protocol created by Echelon Corporation for networking devices over media such as twisted pair, powerlines, fiber optics, and RF. It is used for the automation of various functions within buildings such as lighting and HVAC; see Intelligent building. LonWorks technology, an open standard used throughout the world, was developed to solve a problem of traditional control networks — that the nodes that comprised them had to be a-priori designed to work together. The LonWorks platform is used for many diverse applications that span Smart Buildings, Smart Cities, and the Smart Grid.

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Mitsubishi Electric AC units to Modbus Interface