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The IntesisBox Gateway has been specially designed to allow bidirectional control and monitoring of all parameters and functionalities of LonWorks devices from a BMS, SCADA or any other device working as a BACnet client.

BACnet LonWorks

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  • IBOX-BAC-LON-100 (100 points and 128 devices)
  • IBOX-BAC-LON-A (500 points and 128 devices)
  • IBOX-BAC-LON-B (3000 points and 128 devices)


The aim of this integration is to make accessible LON system signals and resources from a BACnet/IP based control system or device as if it was a part of the own BACnet system and vice-versa. For this, the gateway acts as a BACnet/IP Server device in its BACnet interface, allowing other BACnet/IP devices to perform subscription (COV) requests, and also read and write its internal points.

From the LON system point of view, IntesisBox acts as a LON client device in its LON interface. The readings of the LON device(s) is performed by IntesisBox by automatic continuous polling.

The integration operation is as follows:

IntesisBox reads continuously the points configured to be read by pulling into the LON devices, and updates in its memory all the values received.  With every read, the new values received are updated in the Intesisbox's memory and become available in BACnet side. When a change in any point configured as the output in IntesisBox is detected (this is written from the BACnet side), this will be transferred to the Lon device.

In the continuous polling of the LON devices, if a non-response of any LON device is detected, the corresponding virtual signal inside IntesisBox will be activated indicating communication error with that LON device. These virtual signals indicating communication status in real time with the LON devices are also accessible from BACnet, like the rest of the points of IntesisBox. A special virtual signal indicating the correct operation of the LON interface handler inside the IntesisBox is also available from BACnet.

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