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The IntesisBox IBOX-KNX-MBUS Gateway has been specially designed to work as a translator between an M-BUS installation and a KNX home automation system.
IntesisBox acts as a master in the M-BUS line, retrieving data from all configured meters and exposing them to the KNX TP-1 line in the shape of standardized KNX objects.


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  • IBKNXMEB0100000  (250 points and 10 devices)
  • IBKNXMEB0200000  (500 points and 20 devices)
  • IBKNXMEB0600000  (1500 points and 60 devices)
  • IBKNXMEB1200000  (3000 points and 120 devices)



The aim of this integration is to make accessible M-Bus system signals and resources from a KNX TP-1 based control system or device as if it was a part of the own KNX system and vice-versa. For this, the gateway acts as KNX device in its KNX interface, allowing other KNX devices to read and write its internal points. From the M-Bus system point of view, IntesisBox acts as a M-Bus master device (EN-1434-3), the readings of the M-Bus slave device(s) is performed by IntesisBox by automatic continuous polling.

IntesisBox polls, either continuously or only when ordered from KNX side, the M-Bus devices to obtain updated readings for the points configured in it (the points corresponding to measures and states of the meters in the integration points list explained later in this document). With every read, the new values received are updated in the Intesisbox's memory and become available in KNX side. When a change in any point configured as an output in IntesisBox is detected (this is written from the KNX side), the corresponding action in the M-Bus will be performed, these actions can be: force a polling of a concrete M-Bus device or force a polling of all M-Bus devices.

The polling of a specific M-Bus device, or of all M-Bus devices, can be forced in any moment from KNX side by writing a 1 in the corresponding binary point specially enabled for this purpose in the IntesisBox.

Also, the automatic continuous polling of all M-Bus devices can be activated/deactivated writing from KNX in a specific binary point specially enabled for this purpose in the IntesisBox.



  • Handles conversion between KNX and M-BUS meters (number of supported meters depends on IntesisBox version)
  • Support up to thousands of KNX objects, each to be associated with a register read from an M-BUS meter
  • M-BUS line scan (meter detection) and register discovery functionality, to ease configuration process
  • Configuration through IP or USB (Console) port
  • Datalogging through external USB port
  • Front cover LED indicators to provide easy to check communication status on both the Ethernet and serial ports
  • Includes IntesisBox MAPS with automatic updates for both IntesisBox MAPS and Gateway’s firmware

Configuration project is done through IntesisBox MAPS.

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