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The IntesisBox Gateway has been specially designed to allow bidirectional control and monitoring of Midea VRF and commercial lines solutions from a Modbus installation.

Modbus Midea AC

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  • IBMBSMID001I000 (for 1 indoor unit)
  • IBMBSMID004I000 (for 4 indoor units)
  • IBMBSMID008I000 (for 8 indoor units)
  • IBMBSMID032I000 (for 32 indoor units)



  • Reduced dimensions: 93 x 53 x 58 mm. Installation even inside the Air Conditioning indoor unit.
  • Quick and easy installation. 
  • External power required (12V dc)
  • Direct connection to the AC indoor unit.
  • Total Control and Monitoring of the AC unit from Modbus, including monitoring of AC unit’s state of internal variables, running hours’ counter (for filter maintenance control), error indication and error code.
  • Control of the AC unit based on the ambient temperature read by the own AC unit, or in the ambient temperature.
  • Timeout for Open Window and Occupancy. Sleep function also available.
  • Mountable on DIN rail, wall, or even inside the indoor unit in some models of AC.   
  • Direct connection to MODBUS RTU (RS-485) networks. Up to 32 MD-AC-MBS devices can be connected to the same network. 
  • Configuration from both onboard DIP-switches and Modbus RTU. 
  • Real states of the AC unit's internal variables. 
  • Allows using simultaneously the IR and wired remote controls and Modbus RTU.

Midea VRF systems and commercial lines to Modbus Gateway


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