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Integrate any Modbus RTU or TCP Slave device, or both at the same time, with a BACnet BMS or any BACnet IP or BACnet MS/TP controller. It fulfills B-AAC BACnet profile. BTL approved.

BACnet Modbus MBM

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  • IBBACMBM1000000 (100 points version)
  • IBBACMBM2500000 (250 points version)
  • IBBACMBM6000000 (600 points version)
  • IBBACMBM1K20000 (1200 points version)
  • IBBACMBM3K00000 (3000 points version)



The aim of this integration is to make accessible Modbus system signals and resources from a BACnet, based control system or device as if it was a part of the own BACnet system and vice-versa.


The gateway acts as a BACnet/IP Server or BACnet MSTP device in its BACnet interface, allowing other BACnet devices to perform subscription (COV) requests and reads/writes to its internal points. From the Modbus point of view, IntesisBox simulates a Modbus RTU Master device and or Modbus TCP Client device. Readings of the Modbus slave device(s) is performed by IntesisBox by automatic continuous polling.


Gateway configuration is carried out using the configuration software IntesisBox® MAPS. This app allows you to create your own settings for your device. Also, it will be able to download all the available templates or to import any created/exported template on your computer. To set up, check the link below to watch de video tutorial.



How to integrate Modbus devices into BACnet with IntesisBox MAPS (video) 

How to use the new Modbus templates feature (video)


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