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The IntesisBox Gateway has been specially designed to allow bidirectional control and monitoring of all parameters and functionalities of Modbus RTU slave device from a Modbus BMS, SCADA, PLC or any other device working as a Modbus Master.

Modbus Modbus RTU

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The aim of this integration is to communicate with Modbus RTU slaves remotely using Modbus TCP, with the advantage of having various Modbus TCP masters accessing the same RTU slaves simultaneously.

Transparent operation: the Modbus TCP telegrams are converted to Modbus RTU and vice-versa transparently.

When more than one Modbus TCP master is connected, the queries of each master are appropriately alternated, handling the waiting queues and RTU bus access.

Simple configuration: only the IP address, Net Mask, EIA232 or EIA485, baud rate, parity and stop bits are needed. All is done using LinkBoxMB software for windows, provided with the gateway without additional cost, quickly and easily.

The Modbus TCP port acts as a slave, the Modbus RTU port acts as a master.

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