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The IntesisBox Gatewya has been designed to monitor and control your Notifier ID3000 and ID3002 fire panels remotely from your Control Center using any commercial SCADA or monitoring software with Modbus TCP driver.

Modbus NID3000

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  • IBOX-MBS-NID3000


The aim of this integration is to make available points states of Notifier ID3000 series fire panels from a Modbus master device. For this, IntesisBox Modbus Server - Notifier ID3000 gateway works, from the Modbus system point of view, acting as a Modbus slave device responding to data polls coming from the Modbus master, and from the Notifier system point of view, acting as a serial device connected to its RS232 port, and serving the data received from Notifier to the Modbus side.

IntesisBox connects to the RS232 port of the Notifier panel, either through the RS232 port of the mother board or through the isolated ISO-RS232 port (optional card), this last is the recommended and the use of a baud rate of 2400bps.

If there is more than one Notifier fire panel connected in the network, any of them can be integrated using the IntesisBox, but only one panel. IntesisBox can be physically connected to one panel but communicating with another panel connected to the Notifier network.

Notifier to Modbus Gateway

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