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IntesisBox IS-OPC-NID3K OPC server allows monitoring the points of the Notifier panel from any SCADA or monitoring software with OPC client driver. Immediate response and operation based on events.


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  • IS-OPC-NID3K-1C (1 device)
  • IS-OPC-NID3K-2C  (2 devices)
  • IS-OPC-NID3K-5C  (5 devices)
  • IS-OPC-NID3K-16C (16 devices)
  • IS-OPC-NID3K-32C (32 devices)
  • IS-OPC-NID3K-64C (64 devices)



The Intesis OPC – NID3K software is a standard OPC server that follows the Data Access 1.0 and 2.0 data protocol. This software is intended to be used in the integration of Notifier NID3000 fire panels by any SCADA or control and monitoring system provided with an OPC client driver.

Information to extract from the fire panel is indicated as OPC Items.

Communication  possibilities with the fire panel are:

  • Through direct connection with the panel (via serial port EIA232)
  • Through the ID2NET network (using the ISO-RS232 adaptor provided by Notifier).

Notifier OPC Gateway Integration examples

Integration of Notifier ID3000 Fire Panels into an OPC client controlled installation

Notifier OPC Gateway Integration examples 338

Notifier OPC Gateway

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