• Posted April 5, 2018

Intesis Software: new partnership with DSG Distributors

Intesis Software, a member of the HMS Group, is pleased to announce the addition of DSG Distributors to its North American Distribution network. This agreement will allow home automation professionals to have unparalleled access to the Intesis solution set for the integration of HVAC systems to home automation systems. With the outstanding reputation and support capabilities of DSG Distributors, it is a natural fit.

The IntesisHome and IntesisBox solutions are designed specifically for Air Conditioner integration and DSG will focus on utilizing the WiFi integration for connectivity to the Intesis Mobile App and major home automation systems. With DSG’s expertise in home automation and Intesis’ new products, they are now able to provide complete solutions specialized for Ductless Split and VRF Air Conditioners.

Intesis Software is looking forward to a successful relationship with DSG Distributors, helping them to solve the AC integration needs of home automation professionals nationwide.

About Intesis Software
Intesis Software, a member of the HMS Group, was founded in 2000 and is today a leader in design, fabrication, and commercialization of innovative solutions for building, home, hotel, and industrial automation. With HQ in Igualada (Barcelona), Spain, and customers in more than 90 countries worldwide, Intesis offers a wide portfolio of products under the IntesisBox and IntesisHome brands as the result of a continued commitment to and investment in R&D.

The Intesis vision is to contribute to this world with easy-to-use and reliable solutions for systems integration and control of smart buildings.

About DSG Distributors

DSG Distributors is valued added full-service distributor of Audio, Video, Lighting Control, Racks a and Mounts, Cable, Wire, IP, and Analog Surveillance, Seating, Remote Monitoring and Automation systems. The company’s mission is to help home automation installers close the deal, get the job done, and win the customer for life.

The company offers design and programming services in addition to Commercial and Residential A/V Gear, CCTV, Racks Bulk Wire, Cables, Connectors, Switches, Data Accessories, Lighting Controls, Music and Video Servers & Streamers, Multi-Room Systems, Screens, Projectors, Digital Signage Screens, Video Walls, Remote Monitoring devices, Power & Surge Conditioners Rack, Mounts of all kinds and much More.

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