• Posted March 24, 2017

IntesisBox allows you to integrate easily HVAC systems into Control4

IntesisBox allows an easy integration of HVAC systems into Control4 by retrofitting IntesisBox gateways into the existing indoor unit. It is affordable unlike other solutions so the cost of integration per zone is extremely low. IntesisBox offers two WMP (Wireless Multi Protocol) gateway types:

  • Specifics: Developed to communicate with the HVAC manufacturer’s proprietary communications protocol, allowing true real time bidirectional communication with the system. 
  • Universal:  Developed to offer compatibility with thousands of HVAC models through infrared and providing room temperature feedback thanks to its internal sensor.

Chowmain’s IntesisBox driver for Control4 will work with all IntesisBox WMP and will provide full two-way control/feedback.


  • Automatic discovery of IntesisBox based on unit MAC address.
  • Self-healing (if IP address changes, the driver will automatically rediscover the unit).
  • Available auto-configuration of HVAC Modes from IntesisBox.
  • Available auto-configuration of Fan Speeds from IntesisBox.
  • Set point limits auto-configuration (minimum and maximum).
  • Available vane positions auto-configuration.
  • Temperature Feedback.
  • Set point Control.
  • Up/Down/Left/Right Vane position control (If fitted to the HVAC system).
  • Built-in Scheduling.
  • Built-in Pre-sets.
  • HVAC System Error detection and feedback (only on Specific IntesisBox type).
  • Support for multiple AC units (this will work on future IntesisBox hardware – Current version only supports single indoor units).
  • Universal Model will detect if the customer uses the original IR remote control to control HVAC system and set the feedback accordingly.


 For more information about this driver: