• Posted August 7, 2017

IntesisBox allows you to integrate easily HVAC systems into Control4, ELAN and Crestron

IntesisBox allows an easy integration of HVAC systems into Control4, ELAN and Creston by installing IntesisBox gateways into the existing indoor unit. It is affordable unlike other solutions so the cost of integration per zone is extremely low. IntesisBox offers two WMP (Wireless Multi Protocol) gateway types:

  • Specifics: Developed to communicate with the HVAC manufacturer’s proprietary communications protocol, allowing true real time bi-directional communication with the system. 
  • Universal:  Developed to offer compatibility with thousands of HVAC models through infrared and providing room temperature feedback thanks to its internal sensor.

IntesisBox drivers for Control4, ELAN and Creston will work with all IntesisBox WMP and will provide full two-way control/feedback.


  • On/ Off
  • Modes Cool, Heat, Dry, Fan and Auto
  • Setpoint Control.
  • Room Temperature
  • Vane position control
  • HVAC System Error detection and feedback (only on Specific IntesisBox type).
  • Universal Type detects automatically the AC Brand and model only sending On command to the Universal device.