• Posted July 18, 2019

New driver for the IntesisBox WMP family products

IntesisBox WMP family products increase its driver list now with Savant. This new driver allows the integration of Air Conditioner units into Savant home automation systems. Use Savant user interfaces and programming features to increase the energy efficiency by having the Air Conditioning systems under control.


  • The driver is compatible with Savant Smart Host and it is a free of charge driver available in IntesisBox web page.
  • Now Savant home automation system supports the control of a huge range of Air Conditioning systems through IntesisBox WiFi products.

How does it works?

The WiFi gateway is either directly wired to the AC unit (brand specific device) or connected via Infrared commands (universal device). The driver runs in Savant Smart Host controller which is connected to the same IP network as the IntesisBox gateway. In this way, the communication between these 2 systems is established, and the user can have full control of the Air Conditioning units from any Savant interface.

Download the driver from here.