• Posted June 1, 2017

IntesisBox presents a new generation of gateways with a new hardware

IntesisBox team is very proud to announce the new generation of IntesisBox gateways, completely renovated and more powerful. This new line of products inherits the best features of their predecessors and incorporate new and interesting functionalities for the systems integrators.

From 1st of June, 3 new gateways will be available for sale and many more are to be released soon to quickly upgrade our current portfolio with this new generation of IntesisBox.

Our 17 years of experience in the Building and Home Automation sector are reflected in this new generation of gateways, increasing our commitment to offer the best and most powerful integration solution with the well-known reliability and simplicity of IntesisBox.

Please find hereby some information about our new gateways generation; please do not hesitate to contact us for any question you may have and stay tuned for the next webinars and presentations we are preparing for you.

Discover our new IntesisBox platform and our new IntesisBox MAPS configuration tool:



IntesisBox KNX - Modbus Master (TCP & RTU)

It has never been so easy to integrate Modbus Slave devices into a KNX project. Any KNX integrator can integrate Modbus RTU Slaves or Modbus TCP Servers, or both at the same time, and translate the Modbus values to the required KNX DPT types in just a few clicks!

IntesisBox BACnet Server (IP & MSTP) - KNX

Supervise from any BACnet BMS your KNX installation or simply share your KNX data with any BACnet IP or BACnet MS/TP Controller. It includes BACnet Notifications, Calendars, Schedules and Trend Logs. BTL approved.

IntesisBox BACnet Server (IP & MSTP) - Modbus Master (TCP & RTU)

Integrate any Modbus RTU or TCP Slave device, or both at the same time, with a BACnet BMS or any BACnet IP or BACnet MS/TP controller. It fulfills B-AAC BACnet profile. BTL approved.