• Posted November 21, 2018

New product releases for HISENSE and HITACHI

Intesis announces new solutions for the AC manufacturers partners HISENSE and HITACHI.   

A total of 6 new references have been added to the Intesis portfolio. 3 products for each manufacturer covering the most popular building automation protocols, KNX, BACnet and Modbus.  

The gateways connect directly to the manufacturer communication bus (H-Link) allowing control and monitoring of VRF systems. Our technical staff has been working jointly with Hisense and Hitachi engineers to offer robust products without forgetting the essence of Intesis solutions, best functionality but easy to setup.

There are 2 licenses available for each standard protocol, 16 or 64 indoor units. It gives enough flexibility to fit different project requirements.

Find your best HISENSE solutions for:

Check the HITACHI solutions for:

One solution to rule them all! IntesisBox MAPS is the unique software tool needed to configure these gateways and to diagnose any issue on field. Choose between IP or USB console port to get connected to the gateway and to define the project value.