• Posted June 26, 2019

The Third Edition of The Connected Building took place on 14th of June in Madrid

The Third Edition of The Connected Building organized by Intesis, HMS Spain and SIDE (Ewon distributor in Spain) took place on 14th of June in Madrid. The main topic for the event was “Comfort and energy savings. Possible with IoT" following the three goals for the TCB:

Reduce unnecessary consumption

Protect the Environment

Obtain energy savings with the consequent decrease in electricity bill

The one-day event focused the conferences on solutions to control the building’s facilities and improve energy efficiency and comfort. The different speakers introduced its own brand’s solutions and showed how it works in the system.

At the end of the event, a live demo of the complete IoT system showed how to monitor and remote-control air conditioning and lighting equipment to reduce unnecessary energy consumption while maximizing comfort levels.

A successful edition of The Connected Building showed to the attendees how important is to control the energy consumption in a building and the solutions offered to get it. Click to watch de summary video ->