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IntesisBox PA-RC2-WMP-1 interface allows a complete and natural integration of Panasonic air conditioners into IP based control systems. Compatible with the ECOi and PACi line models commercialized by Panasonic.

WiFi Panasonic RC2

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The aim of this integration is to monitor and control your Panasonic ECOi and PACi air conditioning system, remotely, from your Control Center using any commercial SCADA or monitoring software that includes the possibility to communicate through simple ASCII messages on a TCP/IP network.
IntesisBox PA-RC2-WMP-1 makes available the Panasonic air conditioning system indoor units through independent registers and connects to the TCP/IP network thanks to its wifi interface.

Control the AC unit easily with simple ASCII  messages and the PA-RC2-WMP-1 InteisBox interface.



If you would like to use the IntesisBox WiFi series with any of the Home Systems below, notice that you can use one of the available drivers instead of making the driver by yourself from scratch.

If you have already developed a driver for any other Home System not listed below, do not hesitate to contact us so we can publish it on our site and share it with our integrators community.

Click on the links to get direct access to the driver’s download page:

 - IntesisBox - AMX

 - IntesisBox – Control 4  

 - IntesisBox – Crestron  

 - IntesisBox - Eedomus

 - IntesisBox - ELAN

 - IntesisBox - FIBARO

 - IntesisBox - Iridium

 - IntesisBox - RTI

 - IntesisBox - Savant

 - IntesisBox - VERA




IntesisBox WMP WiFi Configuration (video)



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