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IntesisBox PA-AC-ENO-1i and PA-AC-ENO-1iC interfaces allow monitoring and control, fully bi-directionally, all the functioning parameters of PANASONIC Air Conditioners with EnOcean control systems both in their 868 MHz (PA-AC-ENO-1i) and 315 MHz (PA-AC-ENO-1iC) versions.

EnOcean Panasonic AC

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  • PA-AC-ENO-1i (4 binary inputs / 868 MHz. Europe)
  • PA-AC-ENO-1iC (4 binary inputs / 315 MHz. USA and Asia)


  • Small dimensions.
  • Quick installation and possibility of hidden installation.
  • External power not required.
  • Direct connection to the AC indoor unit (split unit).
  • Fully EnOcean interoperable. Control and monitoring, from sensors or gateways, of the internal variables of the indoor unit and error codes and indication.
  • Use the air conditioner ambient temperature or the one measured by an EnOcean temperature sensor or Thermostat.
  • AC unit can be controlled simultaneously by the remote control of the AC unit and by EnOcean devices.
  • Advanced control functions: use it as a room controller.
  • 4 binary inputs. They work as standard EnOcean binary inputs as well as being used to control the AC directly.

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