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The IntesisBox Gateway has been specially designed to allow bidirectional control and monitoring of Samsung NASA VRF systems from a BMS, SCADA, PLC or any other device working as a Modbus Master.

Modbus Samsung NASA AC

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  • IBMBSSAM004O000 (for 4 indoor units)
  • IBMBSSAM008O000 (for 8 indoor units)
  • IBMBSSAM016O000 (for 16 indoor units)
  • IBMBSSAM064O000 (for 64 indoor units)


IntesisBox Modbus Server – Samsung NASA AC is a communication gateway for Samsung NASA compatible outdoor units.
This integration requires the Samsung AC system is equipped with a Samsung MIM-N10 only for ERV systems. Otherwise, direct connection to the R1/R2 connector of the outdoor unit will be enough.

IntesisBox continuously polls (read) all the signals configured and maintains the updated values to be served in Modbus. When a write is done from Modbus in a gateway's Modbus address (allowed to be written), the corresponding order is sent to the AC unit signal associated.

IntesisBox is capable of managing up to two simultaneous Modbus master connections and includes all hardware needed to connect directly with the Samsung indoor units connecting to Samsung's control layer (R1/R2 connector).


  • Manages Modbus TCP and Modbus RTU simultaneously
  • Up to 6 Modbus TCP clients (incoming sockets) are supported
  • Complete range of Samsung indoor unit types supported (AC Indoor unit, HE, HT, EHS, AHU, ERV, ERV+, Chillers)
  • Wide range of monitoring & control datapoints available, according to unit type
  • Compatible with Samsung’s centralized controller systems connected to NASA’s R1/R2 bus (e.g. MCM300N)
  • Datalogging through external USB port
  • Configuration through IP or USB (Console) port
  • Front cover LED indicators to provide easy to check communication status on both the Ethernet and serial ports
  • Includes IntesisBox MAPS with automatic updates for both IntesisBox MAPS and Gateway’s firmware


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