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The IntesisBox Gateway has been designed for the integration of Siemens Synova FC330A fire detection panels into Modbus enabled control systems.

Modbus FC330A

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The aim of this integration is to make available signals and resources of Siemens FC330A panels to a Modbus master device or system. From the Modbus system point of view IntesisBox Modbus Server – FC330A acts as a slave device, responding to data polls coming from the Modbus master. From the FC330A system point of view acts as a third party communication device monitoring/controlling the panel (by periodically polling it), and serving the retrieved data to the Modbus side.

IntesisBox retrieves FC330A panel status information by means of periodically polling it, using its proprietary serial protocol.

Once obtained, the information about the elements on the panel is mapped within a Modbus fixed-size predefined map of registers. This way, the procedure of configuration for this integration is comparatively simple, since there is no need to choose which element is mapped to which Modbus register – all possible elements to be monitored are already available on a Modbus fixed-size map whose addresses range from 1 to 1500.

FC330A to Modbus Gateway

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