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IntesisBox IS-IR-KNX-1i allows monitoring and control, of your Air Conditioner from KNX installations through the standard IR receiver.


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ORDER CODE: IS-IR-KNX-1i (2 binary inputs)


The IS-IR-KNX-1i is compatible with more than 40 different Air Conditioning brands. This gateway stands out as the only one in the market that offers control and monitoring of the climate system.

The device is installed next to the Air Conditioner and sends commands using infrared codes.

Thanks to a built-in infrared receiver, it can also capture the changes made by the user through the own AC IR remote controller and show them in KNX.

Another feature of this new gateway is its easy configuration, done through ETS using a simple plugin.

This configuration can be downloaded via USB or via KNX TP1.

Moreover, the new IS-IR-KNX-1i is powered from the KNX bus directly.

All these advantages allow a quick setup of the device.

Universal IR Air Conditioner to KNX Interface with Binary Inputs


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