WiFI - IntesisBox AC interfaces

IntesisBox WiFi gateways allow an easy Air Conditioner integration in any kind of control and monitoring system using a simple IP Protocol. New WiFi gateways family is specifically designed for Home Automation Manufacturers or Integrators interested in offering a control solution for the Air Conditioner System, allowing them to create a simple Driver for their Home Hubs controllers

  • Does not require cable installation between the Air Conditioner & the Home Controller.
  • Easy creation of new Drivers for any Home Controller thanks to the easy IP protocol.
  • Control, through the Home Automation system, the responsible of more than 50% of your electricity bill.
  • Possibility to auto-discover the WiFi devices installed in the WiFi network.
  • Firmware upgrades with new functionalities.
  • WiFi configuration allows Dynamic IPs or Static IPs.

Two different type of controllers available:

  • Specific controllers: They use the proprietary communication protocol of each AC Manufacturer allowing real bidirectional communication with the AC system, offering also advanced parameters like error signals, error codes, Power Consumption, etc.
  • Universal Controllers: Offers compatibility for thousands of Air Conditioner models, it only requires an Indoor Unit that has an IR receiver working with a standard Wireless Remote Controller.
Daikin domestic AC units to Wi-Fi interface
Daikin VRV and Sky systems to Wi-Fi interface
Fujitsu to WiFi (ASCII) gateway
Fujitsu RAC and VRF systems to Wi-Fi
AC units with IR receiver to Wi-Fi interface
LG domestic and VRF AC units to Wi-Fi interface
Mitsubishi Electric AC units to Wi-Fi interface
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries AC units to Wi-Fi interface
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries FD and KX6 systems to Wi-Fi Interface
Panasonic Etherea AC units to Wi-Fi Interface
Panasonic ECOi and PACi systems to Wi-Fi Interface
Toshiba VRF and Digital to Wi-Fi Interface