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The IntesisBox gateway has been specially designed to allow bidirectional control and monitoring of all parameters and functionalities of a KNX TP installation from a BMS, SCADA or any other device working as an ASCII IP or ASCII Serial client.

Therefore, our device works as an ASCII IP & Serial (232/485) server at one side and as a KNX TP device on the other side.


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  • IBASCKNX6000000 (IntesisBox KNX to ASCII IP & Serial 600p)

    IBASCKNX3K00000 (IntesisBox KNX to ASCII IP & Serial 3000p)


  • UL certified.
  • Handles conversion between ASCII and KNX (TP) devices.
  • Automatically send a write request to the ASCII bus when its value changes.
  • Support for both ASCII IP and ASCII Serial (232/485).
  • Support for KNX TP devices.
  • Control up to 3000 KNX communication objects.
  • Easy integration & updates with IntesisBox MAPS.

NOTE: In case you need documentation for the previous gateway version, please click here.

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